Tagline Cliches

Better to have no tagline at all than to use one of these worn out and meaningless phrases.

________________ done right.

________________ the way it should be.

________________ evolved.

________________ for the rest of us.

________________. Simplified.

Better ________________.

The easiest way to ________________.

The better way to ________________.

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“Chasing Legends”

Whilst the books on spending three weeks in France chasing the infamous Yellow Jumper are great, this film is a perfect accompaniment. Spend two hours watching the inside happenings of the Columbia Highroad team in the 2009 tour:

0 – 3500 views in one (viral) idea.

Anyone else seeing this in the app store? #Lion on Twitpic.

Slipstream designer front man @robhampson pulls a (cheeky) photoshop stunt on the Mac community waiting for Lion in desperation of a launch on 14th July (it didn’t)!

Amazing to see how the virality of one post can be seen by 3,500 people and counting – all started with a tweet.

OpenWeb 3 – June 11th !

Time passes quickly when you’re madly busy with your head in the launch of a web app (in our case www.filesharehq.com) but the next OpenWeb event is almost upon us.

As promised the next event will take place on June 11th 2009 – full details at the following link:


The OpenWeb site is getting a major refresh so we can share more of the great content that comes up at each of the events, so check back for updates.

Remember, this event features Paul Boag of www.boagworld.com fame, if you haven’t heard him speak before here is a sample from the last Bathcamp event….

Paul Boag at BathCamp: 10 things a web designer would never tell you from Mike Ellis on Vimeo.

Value = Profit (when you get there)

We’ve been spending the past weeks putting the finishing touches to our shiny new web app FileShareHQ (a great way to share files for pro-users). Part of this process is to decide on the price plans that will be available and how they stack up.

We’ve fixed our overheads reasonably well, with a great developer (@elliottkember) a talented designer (@robhampson), some good hosting, and cloud services from Amazon S3. It should be easy to put all of these figures together and work out what a GB/user is costing us, and apply a nice healthy Porsche buyers margin. But we’re not going to be doing that.

So why not.

Well, we have costs and overheads that will need to be paid for from day 1, so we can’t be a totally FREE service, but what we do want to do is generate a loyal and growing userbase by being a great VALUE service. We’ll be letting users sign up to their choice of plan for as little as we possible can (starting with a free plan), and putting in more time than the application can afford for our team to talk with, and understand our users. We’ll make the app better, and hopefully cheaper to use (scaling should quickly lead to cost savings, just check out the S3 pricing model).

We want the app to grow and survive, with great buzz, excited users, and a continued growth curve. And, yes, for those reading ahead, this is where our VALUE model does extend our PROFIT. For sure, costs covered, a lower margin point than the grab and run model, but a sustainable, long term profit that will assure the applications success, positive marketing, and continued growth.

The VALUE is put first, and yes, at the greater good of the PROFIT in the long term, but who benefits the most? You. The customer.

We’ll launch soon, sign up for a BETA at http://filesharehq.com

PEER1 join OpenWeb as official partner

OpenWeb Logo

OpenWeb Southampton is a free meetup for web developers, designers, entrepreneurs and investors. A simple evening to share, inform and meet some people working on great things in the Southampton area. The first event created some great buzz, and set the keystone of an event that will happen regularly, with some great speakers lined up for future events.

We’re pleased to say that new UK based web host (who are also in Southampton) PEER1 are joining us as a presenting partner for the next event, taking place on 15 April 2009.

The MD of PEER1 UK (and ex-Rackspace MD) Dominic Monkhouse will also present his thoughts on Employee Engagement. Sign up for the event here, or find out more details at http://openweb.slipstreamstudio.com

Thanks PEER1 – we hope you’ll come again!

Get the web app.

We’re being pounded. Pounded by signals. Internet signals. Everywhere we go the web comes with us. 3G, WiFi, iPhone, Laptop.

The internet is ubiquitous – we use it everywhere we go, every day, wherever we are. The simplest of cell phones can access the web, see a mobile page, check out the scores. Whatever it may be we use it everywhere and rely on it.

So, this is the reason why we use web apps everywhere today – we are always connected to the web – and not just with a bulky laptop.

So what is a web app ?

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OpenWeb Southampton – 2

We’re having another OpenWeb!

The date has been set for 15th April 2009 at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club, in Ocean Village, Southampton. We have some great speakers and there will be some good Development and Business talks at this event.

More info, and sign up, over at http://openweb.slipstreamstudio.com

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

OpenWeb Meetup – Update

We’re pleased to announce that as of today we have launched a new site to accompany the planned (and confirmed) meetup for web people that is happening in Southampton on 12th Feb.

You can check out the new site here: http://openweb.slipstreamstudio.com/

Don’t forget to sign up on Upcoming so we know you are coming, and if anyone is interested we have one speaking slot remaining – contact dan at slipstreamstudio dot com for more info.

Time for a MeetUp?

Things are moving along and Slipstream Studio is now into it’s permanent offices, in Southampton UK.
We are very aware that we’re not the only Digital Agency in the area (in fact not the only one in our office building), so in true spirit of Open Source (wouldn’t be the web without it) we would like to send an open invitation to web agencies, developers, freelancers and designers to attend the first OpenWeb // Southampton Meetup of 2009.

The idea is simple. We will meet at a small venue, with some Coffee / Beer / Pizza (and WiFi) and discuss / meet / share and learn. Ideally we will arrange one keynote speaker with a topic for the evening.

And hey, look at this, we already have a date!
12th February 2009 – 4pm till it ends!

You can sign up and share the info at this page:

To kick things off we’ll happily host things here at Slipstream HQ, but if numbers get too big we’ll quickly move to a bigger local venue.

To get things moving, and to learn a little more, join the Google Group for OpenWeb over at
http://groups.google.com/group/openwebsoton/ where you can sign up to a simple email digest and offer your help / raise questions there.

If anyone wants to drop us a line direct to help move things along email hello {at} slipstreamstudio {dot} com.
Thanks, we hope that this can turn into a regular great event.